Top 20 Places you can promote your business for free

Top 20 Places You Can Promote Your Business For Free

If you want to increase the number of your reach, expand your engagement, and boost or improve your sales, then you need to promote your business for free because it’s crucial – you NEED more traffic.

As more and more businesses appear day by day, it’s essential to at all time think of ways to drive more people or traffic to your website.

So if you are finding it difficult to look for the best ways to grow and promote your business; or even just what your alternatives are; then I want you to know this. You are not alone and you are in the right place.

In today’s post, and from the kindness of my heart, IIam going to cover the top 20 places you can promote your business for free, whether you have no budget, a limited budget.

Traffic is your key to being visible – it is YOUR attraction tool to draw people to your business.

I know it might  sound irresistibly strong and overwhelming but traffic is everywhere. All you have to do is turn it on and with a few easy strategies; you can start to see results.

There are so many options for you to promote your business, absolutely for free, yes! Without a dime. A lot of this is thanks to social media.

We built our entire business utilizing social media and social media is really the gift that keeps on giving! Each day it seems like there’s a new option for us on social media.

Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page for you business is the first step to promoting your business.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform now. It has more than two billion monthly users.

The other addition of having a Facebook page for your business is that you can use that page to promote your other Facebook pages. This increases the publicity and awareness of your brand and helps people easily know your brand or business effortlessly.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are where individuals who are like-minded come together to share interests in certain things. Much like other internet forums, people use Facebook groups to learn, express opinions, make new friends as well as network even with business partners/clients.

Joining Facebook groups that are related to your business’s industry, service, or product is an incredibly useful way to promote your business. You’ll know that you’re promoting your business to people who will be interested in it because those people have opted to participate in a group where the topic is the main point of discussion.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a feature on Facebook that most people ignore, but truth be told, it is an exceptionally amazing way to promote your business to your new and future fans.

All that is required on Facebook Live is navigating to the status editor on your Facebook page and clicking the button that says “Live.” This will open a camera that you can point at yourself or something else. Once you go live, your Facebook page followers and fans will be alerted immediately.

The best part about the Facebook Live feature is that the Live videos can be shared like any other Facebook post. So if you use Live in a creative way and make a compelling live video, it will likely be shared, driving more traffic to your Facebook page.

Facebook Stories

The “stories” feature began on Snapchat and has moved from social platform to social platform. Now, Facebook has its own “stories” feature, where you can keep your followers, fans, and friends updated with photos, videos, and text from your day.

Facebook Stories is a great method to promote your business for free.

When you post a story, all of your friends, fans, and followers are notified, and it is present at the top of their Facebook News Feed.

Facebook Messenger Stories

Facebook Messenger Stories are the same as the previous two Facebook Story features, but can be posted directly from a Messenger window. This makes it easy to promote your business while being engaged on Messenger.

Since Messenger is by default optimized for mobile, this feature makes it easy to promote your business on the go.


Pinterest is an underrated social platform, especially for businesses.  Known as the home to all things aesthetic, such as fashion, interior decorating, and beauty, it is also a great place to promote your business.

Pinterest also features educational materials to help you learn how to best utilize the platform to market and promote your business for free, and it could boost small business exposure. Pinterest’sanalytics can help track your impact.

Pinterest Communities

One of the best ways to get a hand up is to offer a hand up to others. Join communities and groups relevant to your business or industry.

Instagram Posts

We dive into the realm of social media with the free photo and video sharing app, Instagram.

This app is available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone, making it extremely versatile when it comes to being used. It attracts over 1 billion active users each month and is an excellent place to give people an introduction into what you do and what you have to offer.

It doesn’t work for every business, but it’s certainly worth having a presence on as this is certainly going to be one of the major social media channels for years to come.


Twitter is another free channel that can be used to promote your business for free online.

Also as you know, Twitter users are the ones who find out first what is going on in the world, from business news to political shenanigans. If they love and follow your business, you will get impressions, re-tweets, followers, shares, and all the good stuff social media has to offer.

It tends to require a bit more activity to build an audience, but if you’re consistently active, you can master the platform and experience its benefits.


Many people don’t consider YouTube to be a place where you can promote your website. Still, it’s the perfect place to upload both promotional and tutorial videos (especially now that YouTube has replaced traditional media as we speak)

Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted emails are not only free, but statistically they provide the highest rate of return on the time and effort spent to create and distribute them. You have to have an email list to make this an effective marketing technique, but there are a vast number of ways, 50 of them, to build your email list and make this into your best free advertising.


Nairaland Platform is one the best online forum platform in Africa. This platform encourages refined and intellectual discussions on a wide variety of topics.

However, the best way to promote your business for free and get traffic to your website or blog is to build a solid, credible, and trustworthy presence.

Creating a great network and becoming a reliable source of information is the best way to go about this platform.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on a blog that is closely related to what you offer in goods and/or services in your business can be an excellent way to reach potential buyers who are already interested in what you have to offer.

LinkedIn Posts

Changes to LinkedIn during the last couple of years allow you to essentially host a blog on LinkedIn. This helps to streamline your blogging into your B2B focused LinkedIn presence. You can establish yourself as an expert and also promote what you do and what you have to offer through these posts as well.

LinkedIn Groups

Besides regularly posting content on LinkedIn, you can join LinkedIn groups to help network and market your business. Show yourself to be an expert by participating in LinkedIn group discussions in a respectful and knowledgeable manner and people will start seeking your services.

Bing Places for Business

Second only to Google, this free business advertising platform by Microsoft, allows you to add multiple business locations, videos, photos and a whole lot more. It has a quick and easy registration process and you can even optimize your ads for various viewing platforms through Bing Places for Business.


Formerly known as, TikTok is a short video sharing platform where users can incorporate funny videos and music to tell a short story.

Initially used by teenagers, TikTok now has a wide audience of adults who take advantage of the platform’s promotion side.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the essential places to promote your website online in 2021.

It improves your SEO, tells prospective customers more about your business, creates rich search results when people search for your business, allows customers to review and contact your business through Google, and much more. If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, you’re missing out.


Reddit has discussions on just about any topic. Entrepreneurs can post content but overt self-promotion could get you banned. Reddit is a good source of website traffic if you are part of the Reddit culture.

Directory Sites

Some directories sites offer free business listings. Each directory listing businesses offers upgrade options, but the basic business listing is no charge.


Now that you have gone through this list of free promotion websites and learned how to market your business across multiple platforms, the only thing left is to put in the work and create a strong online presence.

SAVE this list and test some of these out. Try a new one and see if you can generate additional revenue in your business but utilizing ALL of these free platforms to promote your Business for free.

NOTE THIS: You can effectively promote your business for free with or without money, though the result might not be the same.

There are a lot of options when it comes to promoting your business, no matter your budget.

Implementing the strategies in this post is sure to pay off, especially if you regularly review and revise your strategy.

Wishing you good luck.