How to be successful on YouTuber

How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel out of thin air and Compete with the Biggest Brands in the World!

Introduction: DIY Guide on Building a Successful YouTube Channel

YouTube has risen as a the most popular platform for individuals to share their views and insights on an assortment of topics. On the off chance that you feel that you have something critical to add to this conversation, then, at this point, making your own YouTube channel may be the best decision for you.

You are undoubtedly going to see guides like “How to gain more views and more subscriber” and afterward get some strategy to gain views and subscribers like

  • Title and description: You should find fascinating title within your topic. What’s more, mind it, you need to incorporate your keywords on your video title. Try to write a long description. Include your keywords on description first paragraph and last paragraph (Important). You should write a relevant description of your topic.
  • Tags: Research your keywords and try to utilize long tail keywords. Try to utilize 4-10 tag on your video. Many people trust the first tag should be your main keywords.
  • Thumbnail: You should create an eye catch thumbnail. This will act as the Clickbait for your video. Make HD and attractive thumbnail. Mind it thumbnail is the big face for viewers to click on your video to watch.
  • End Screen and Cards: Use end screen and cards on your videos. Try to use same category end screen and cards on your videos. So that you can get more click and more views on other videos. You can use videos, playlist, subscribe us button on your cards and end screen.
  • Marketing in 24 hours: When you publish your video from that time to next 24 hours try your best for marketing your video. Try to gain so views and subscriberson your channel new videos.
  • Comment on others videos: This is one of the best ways to gain first-time views and comments on your new videos. I love this way to get views and comments on my new videos. Find out new channels and comment on their videos and subscribe to their channel. Don’t comment without watching the video. You should watch minimum 1.30-2 min video. And don’t ask for subscribing to your channel. Simply comment about the video. Try to build up relation with them.
  • Response to Comment: If anyone comment on your videos then responds on the comments. Let to know them that you are very happy with them.
  • Share your Content: Maybe your content is amazing. But if anyone doesn’t watch your videos then your videos value is zero. Find out the best content sharing platform and share your content.

Every one of these are alright and will surely function admirably however as a young man vlogging for nearly 10 years, here’s the strategy that has been working for me.

I have discovered that only one thing can lead you to progress on the YouTube platform:

Making video recordings that your crowd is searching for. Furthermore, obviously, your video must be spectacular.

Continuous audience and market research will assist me in getting what information your audience is keen on.

Join that with studying other YouTubers and transforming their weaknesses and shortcomings into my strengths.

I only do promotions when I am sure that the video I produce will draw in the crowd with its worth.

I don’t mean you can’t utilize promotion techniques (SEO, YouTube Ads, Seeding…) if your videos are not good in light of the fact that you are new. But, sure, you need time to improve.

As such, this isn’t to imply that SEO and the other things I referenced are not significant. They are. But, many individuals appear to zero in a lot on those little stunts or “tricks” and “secrets” that they fail to remember the main thing, which is the content or substance. However long you do that, all the other things will become all-good, the views, the subscribers, the income, branding, and so on. Everything works out in case you are creating video that individuals need to see.

In short:

– Create video recordings the crowd needs to watch.

Then, at that point,

– Promote the video to the potential audience. (SEO or web optimization, YouTube Ads, Seeding, etc….)

That is all you need to zero in on, and that is the means by which YouTube works.