Bro codes with Cheekah Suave and Chief Fred

10 Bromandments every guy should live by.

Is it really a surprise that there are bro code rules only guys know?

A bro has no right to put on panties (the pink coloured one is even an abomination). On no account should he gaze at another man’s buttocks, should always have different type of condoms in his wallet, and more secrets that will be revealed when you click on the video link.

Cheekah Suave and Chief Fred Discuss Bro Code

Chief Fred and Cheekah Suave in an entertaining and hilarious youtube visuals broke down some of these bro codes. Ladies don’t be offended!

And if violated, would there be a penalty for one’s transgression? Find out 😂😂😂

Some call it bromance or brohood. But, it is just the guys who understand the bond they share with their other Y-chromosome brethren. It isn’t the relationship they have with the young ladies or even their natural siblings or biological brothers yet that implicit and “no homo” type of love between brothers.