10 Truths Every Person With An Opposite-S€x Bestie Knows

10 Things Everyone With An Opposite-Sex Bestie Knows To Be True | Cheekah Suave & Tolani

Can a woman and a man be just friends?

Friendships between people of the opposite sex can be immensely rewarding, encouraging, and unattached. Really!

The false notion that men and women can never be “just friends” without falling in love or engaging in sex was at least partially planted by rom-coms like “When Harry Met Sally.”

Recently, we enlisted the help of best friends who are opposite-sex in real life to clear up the confusion.

But before we get straight into that, here’s a video on “Bestfriends of the opposite gender” that you need to watch. Very important.

The following list of 10 things opposite-sex besties wish others knew about their relationship:

1. Although we are best friends, there is no intimacy whatsoever

For 16 years, Ryan and I had been the best of friends. He has shared my apartment with me on two separate times, one with my ex-boyfriend. We had never even exchanged kisses. Just a strong bond, no real attraction. Although our separate significant others handled it in different ways throughout the years, they all eventually understood that it would always remain platonic. My closest friend is him. my older sibling. I taught him how to cook, and he taught me how to drive a car. We care for one another deeply. Sometimes, too, we argue like a family, but that’s what makes it unique – Charity Okoye

2. Our romantic relationships are not in danger because of our friendship.

“It works well if there is trust between you, your spouse, and your best friend. Jason, my best friend, attended my wedding and is now close with my spouse. Christen, who attended our wedding and has since grown to be one of my closest friends, is also my husband’s best buddy. The best buddy is actually your spouse’s ally because they can consult each other on how to handle you; Kelechi Davidson

John, Kayla’s husband, and Jason, her BFF, have developed a close relationship over time (pictured on the left)

3. However, some romantic partners simply won’t get it.

“I’ve run into issues with individuals not trusting me or the other person in my friendship while we are dating. S£x is being prioritized by far too many people. I don’t know about you, but I can honestly state that I’m not attracted to anyone s€xually and that I can appreciate people for reasons other than what’s in their underwear. Think about that – Marcus Lindelof

4. Everyone assumes we are husband and wife, including waiters and passersby.

“My friend Chris and I have been close for 23 years, but now that we are adults who are married (but not to each other! ), there is stigma attached to our connection. Even though we are still close friends, our husbands don’t care because when we go out together, people assume we are a married couple. Therefore, we crack jokes like, “I’m one of the wives…,” to debunk those presumptions – Erica Okowa.

5. Or the fact that we had s&x

“Everyone will believe that you two slept together. They believe you are lying even when you try to explain how something like that would be so unbelievable, unimaginable, and definitely impossible. ― Kween Benson

6. Or that we have a secret romance

“Jeff and I are best friends, but some people won’t believe that after 28 years, we haven’t at some point been interested in or having a relationship with one another. We are like brothers and sisters and we look out for each other as such, as anyone who knows us well would attest. The traditional idea that men and women can’t merely be friends is sexist, and we love and appreciate one other’s marriages – Liliana James

7. Generous inquirers will invariably make you roll your eyes

Cole and I have experienced a lot of things together. Additionally, we’ve attended a lot of social events and parties together.

There is always at least one person at these events who will ask one of the many unpleasant queries, such as, “Why we haven’t mashed our fun portions together?” the question “When will the wedding invitations be mailed?” The comment, “You guys should really date, you’re so great together,” is the one I’ve come to detest the most. Excuse me as I roll my eyes all the way back in my head. We established a line in the sand at some point throughout our 17-year friendship and understood not to cross it if we wanted to keep our connection strong, which is why we get along so well and have been able to stay friends. We’ve done just that, then – Catherine Kamsiyochukwu

Since the sixth grade, Natalie and Cole have been close friends. She remarked, “He’s been there for me like the brother I never had.

8. Furthermore, critics could simply be projecting their own insecurities

When a man or woman has expressed doubt about the possibility of platonic friendships between people of the opposite sex to me, it has always been the result of severe projection. Not everyone is suspect just because you can’t keep up platonic, opposite-sex friendships. Many men and women I’ve encountered have a history of being unfaithful and struggle to keep it within their pants, which they blame for their general distaste of their partners’ connections with people of the other sex. – Haggai King

9. You can have purely platonic affectionate interactions with your best friend

“Even though I formally identify as gender flexible, my best buddy and I are of the opposite sex. We do indeed share a bed. We do indeed cuddle. Yes, we do display our love. Do you think we’re dating each other? No. Each of us is gay. It’s crucial to realize that you can be loving and affectionate toward someone of the opposing sex without considering them to be your significant other. My friend and I share a deep fondness for one another. Since none of us is interested in the other sex, it truly irritates me when people make fun of us and refer to us as “lovers.” – Tolu Adeniran

It doesn’t alter your sexuality to have a friend who is the other sex, according to Calley. “Literally, it merely means that you have a friend who is the other sex. Case and point”

10. You can even maintain a non-sexual friendship with someone you’ve previously had sex with

We’ve been best friends for about eight years now, Chris and I. Together, while serving in the Marine Corps, we performed two nasty deeds, and despite all of that, we developed an exceptionally strong connection. He thought my boyfriend and I would get along, so he really introduced us. He was entirely correct.

I wish more people understood that different-sex friendships do not automatically revert to horizontality just because you may have been horizontal with them at one time. This is especially true after a certain number of years of serving as each other’s wingman. You are aware of details about them (and them of you) that make having intercourse really peculiar – Shade Adeyemi