50 Cent Horror Movie Put On Hold After Cameraman Faints While Filming a Scene

A new horror movie with 50 Cent as the actor and producer is reportedly so graphic that one member of the production crew passed out.

Shooting for the next spooky film Skill House is currently in full swing, including 50 and crew, including director Josh Stolberg (Spiral). On Sunday (July 17), Stolberg made a comment regarding a crazy incident that occurred on the set while filming. Apparently, one of the cameramen passed out while recording a particularly bloody scene.

“Holy crap! Last night, while filming a death scene, the cameraman passed out from motion sickness, causing the camera to crash to the ground “Observed Stolberg on Instagram. “Had to stop for a half-hour so the doctor could help him stand up. He is now fine and continued later that night, but be prepared for some crazy stuff!”

50 Cent Horror Movie Put On Hold After Cameraman Faints While Filming a Scene

On Thursday, TMZ was able to obtain video of the event (July 21). The image of a person in the footage is dark and covered in what looks like blood. A loud blast is then heard as the camera pans rearward. Then someone asks, “Are you alright?”

On Instagram, 50 Cent made a comment about the situation.

He typed,

“Steve Johnson and Stolberg are in charge of this sh*t.” “They made the last two SAW films, and now they’re going to screw around and kill the cast. SMH.”

50 Cent Horror Movie Halts Filming After Cameraman Passes Out From Filming a Scene

50 Cent, Neal McDonough, John Deluca, Leah Pipes, McCarrie McCausland, and others are among the stars of Skill House, according to IMDB. The plot focuses on the influencer and social media cultures, as well as the lengths people would go to in order to achieve popularity.

According to Ryan Kavanaugh of Proxima Media, the movie “is brimming with mavericks of entertainment, many of them straddling numerous genres and platforms.” “If anyone knows a thing or two about breaking the rules, it’s 50 Cent, a global rap and hip-hop music icon who is also a businessman, actor, writer, and producer. The opportunity to work with him and watch Bryce advance professionally is an honor.

The movie is expected to be out in the new year.