America's Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel Collapses Helplessly In The Open

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America’s Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel slumps in public

America’s Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel has been hospitalized.

As indicated by TMZ, the 65-year-old was hurried to the medical clinic in the wake of falling at a Starbucks, a café in Woodland Hills, California on Wednesday.

It was likewise detailed that paramedics were called to help Howie before he was hurried to medical clinic for checks to be finished.

A source who addressed newsmen after the incident said that doctors accepted, particularly with some sort of absolute certainty that the heavy slump was as a result of low glucose or low amount of sugar. Be that as it may, tests are being directed on him and then everyone will know the circumstance of things when they are done.

“The doctors are currently carrying out some tests on him. I believe his case isn’t so critical.

“We will know the situation of things by the time they are done,” the source said.

In the interim, Howie told Page Six last year that he has germaphobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and that he was taking medicine to assist him contending with it.