Attorney For XXXTentacion's Alleged Killer Seeks Jailhouse Video of Kodak Black

In an apparent attempt to get information on recent three-day detention of Kodak Black in the Broward County jail, the lawyer for one of the four men accused of killing XXXTentacion has requested records and footage of the incident.

Dedrick Williams’ defense lawyer, Mauricio Padilla, termed the subpoenaed documents “essential” to establishing Williams’ innocence of the claims that he and three others shot and killed XXXTentacion during a robbery attempt in June 2018.

Padilla requests access to CCTV footage from July 15 and July 16 showing cells 5 and 7 of jail unit 6A between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m. Additionally, according to court records, he requests the whereabouts of Kodak Black and Williams’ cells from July 15 to 17.

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer for XXXTentacion’s Alleged Killer Demands Video of Kodak Black in Jail

According to Padilla’s motion, the request covers any “keep separate orders” that state Williams must be kept apart from other jail inmates.

The information sought relates to the whole brief detention of Kodak Black at the Broward County main jail following his arrest on charges of drug possession. According to court documents, Kodak Black was arrested just after midnight on July 16 and was released on bond the next day. In conjunction with the arrest, prosecutors have filed charges against Kodak Black in both state and federal court.

Williams, meanwhile, has been detained there since his arrest in 2018.
The jail has preserved all of the information Padilla subpoenaed and is awaiting a judge’s order to turn the records over to the defense. However, Padilla’s motion does not explain why the requested records are crucial to the defense.

Williams and Kodak Black had previously been linked in the media. The Sun Sentinel said that Williams was a tattoo artist who claimed to have etched the words “Road Runner” on Kodak Black’s torso after Williams was taken into custody on allegations of first-degree murder in 2018. Later that year, the Broward County Sheriff’s public relations officer publicly refuted accusations, labeling them as absolutely “unfounded,” that Williams had been attacked and perhaps sexually abused in the jail by pals of Kodak Black.

In the slaying of XXXTentacion, Williams and co-defendants Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome are currently awaiting trial. Robert Allen, a fourth defendant, consented to a plea bargain and testified against the other three defendants earlier this year.