Ayra Starr Album '19 and Dangerous'

Ayra Starr

19 and Dangerous extends beyond these feelings on various tracks.

As regards the topical components and foundations in the existence of an ordinary Gen Z lady, ’19 and Dangerous’ is a round of passionate variety at its most noteworthy and enthusiastic duality at its least difficult.

Might cover and become sub-topics of different subjects, they are not jumbled up. Ayra Starr, her songwriters and her A&Rs appropriately refined that load of feelings and freely communicated them with clearness and reason.

As the album title – ‘19 and Dangerous‘ – recommends, the point was to project a juxtaposition, which presents Starr as a puzzle rearranged by the album. It seems like ’19’ begins the album with fantastic, in vogue, young, hesitantly honest and wannabe baddie propensities while ‘Dangerous’ closes it as an appropriate abundant baddie, framed by pain

Ayra Starr Album '19 and Dangerous' Mavin Record 2021

Ayra Star (Mavin Records)

In case she was asking a kid on ‘Lonely,’ she took control and was prepared to torch it on ‘Bridgertn.’

18 is for the most part acknowledged sign of adulthood. A few scientists have shown that the vast majority just genuinely develop at 21, yet 18 is the point at which they are really mindful of their choices while being somewhat equipped for managing results. 19 and 20 are then genuinely essential occasions towards development and the early adulthood of 21.

It’s a trying period for a great many people as they think about choices, calling, business and connections harder than at any other time. They likewise manage pressing factor and disturbances in their own and proficient, enthusiastic, and monetary lives. Needs a lot additionally crash as individuals figure out how to focus on.

’19 and Dangerous’ is intended to play like a Gen Z diary. In case twenty to thirty year olds were battling about love letters during the 2000s, Gen Z battles about unexpected medication use in ‘Harmful’ connections, as Starr archives on traffic four.

As it were, it seems like the Nigerianized rendition of Adele’s diaristic, temporary album –  19, 21 and 25 -however with a little flavor via sex, unequivocal language, exotic subjects, gratification and unobtrusive traces of exploratory depravity.

As it were, ’19 and Dangerous’ resembles the affection offspring of Adele’s ’19’ and Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad, underpinned by the searing, alluringly vain, lighthearted, as if there was no tomorrow Gen Z inclinations of ‘Cast,’ the album opener – or pronouncement. Interestingly, Rihanna was 19 when that album was delivered and Ayra Starr is a card-conveying individual from Rihanna’s naval force.

A portion of that is underlined by ‘Design Killa,’ an eventual tribute to Rihanna.

With the thick and painstakingly etched brand that MAVIN Records smartly presented with the Ayra Starr EP, this album design is the lone way forward. As uncovered on Accurate Gist Nigeria’s audit of the EP, MAVIN gave her as a staggering young lady layers in a manner that broadens her crowd however much as could reasonably be expected.

Ayra Starr Album '19 and Dangerous' Mavin Record 2021 Instagram Photo

Ayra Starr Instagram

She extended the best image of the abnormal Gen Z lady; marginally uninformed however adequately sure to pull off it. Energetic yet terrifying savvy with sharp brains. Stores her qualities for essential situations. Certain enough in her own body to show skin. Charming yet not terrified to get chaotic when ‘fundamental.’

The solitary likenesses among her and Tems is the voice type and how they utilize that on the finish of vowels and bars, particularly on more slow tunes.

Her album workmanship likewise shows development. While the workmanship for ‘Ayra Starr EP’ extended a young ladies with layers through the skin and a red cup while apparently making some great memories, ’19 and Dangerous’ has a somewhat more gothic cover craftsmanship with “Terrible motherf*cker” sitting at upper right. The photos, shadings and butterflies likewise present grown-up substance and address different interests, and blended feelings.

In the event that ’19 and Dangerous’ was a film, it would be themed a ‘transitioning’ show, probably with non-straight narrating and a female storyteller. Starr straightforwardly sings about drug use on ‘Harmful.’

The Music

Ayra Starr is an immaculate ability and this album is just a presentation. It seems like this album was impromptu, however just turned into an easy decision since she just had an unreasonable measure of firm, quality records and ‘Ayra Starr EP’ was a decent establishment.

Across this album, her stream plot, strategy, deft utilization of her vocal reach and capacity to discover pockets is uncommon and startling now and again. The manner in which she opened ‘Design Killer’ and conveyed the snare on the splendid ‘Bridgertn’ featured this.

She clearly dominates at her closest to perfect on R&B records with orderly creation. The time frame between ‘Nark,’ ‘Poisonous’ and ‘In Between’ is the best second on an album loaded up with great minutes. Notwithstanding, ‘Style Killer,’ ‘Grisly Samaritan’ and ‘Amin’ demonstrate that she could go on to really dominate on similar level on future pop records.

At the present time, it seems like better lamba from lyricists and easier beats will release her pop side.

As of now, she’s multilingual – it highlights reach and builds bid. ’19 and Dangerous’ is a decent presentation, from which she can proceed to do anything she needs. Albeit flawed, enough imaginativeness has been exhibited. Indeed! This album additionally has heaps of entertaining quotables! If your bling na light, e fit actually be panda sha.

Last Contemplations

At 11 short tracks and 33 minutes, this album is compact. It’s arrangement is additionally splendid and appears to recount an account of presumption to power and self-revelation.

It goes from a statement, to a vain personality stamp [Fashion Killer], an affection melody, three stupendous R&B records which plunge into a post-separation twisting and awful ways of dealing with stress, prior to coming full circle in the self disclosure of force on ‘Bleeding Samaritan’ and ‘Bridgertn’ and a wish for great news and satisfaction on ‘Amin.’

Now and again on ‘Amin,’ Ayra Starr seems like an elder sibling to more youthful youngsters and an amicable voice to battling youthful grown-ups. Her elements additionally did a task perfectly.’ ‘All things considered, the topical propensity of this collection to introduce Ayra Starr as a ‘baddie’ gets excessively ‘on-the-button’ now and again to sell a character and it in some cases feels inauthentic.

As an album title, ’19 and Dangerous’ takes care of its work, yet it’s a little burdensome and ailing in innovative creative mind, absolutely according to an insight perspective.

All things considered, ‘Design Killa’ ought to be pitched for brand bargains.

Furthermore, gracious, Ayra Starr and Simi ought to do a record. ‘Lonely (Remix)’ could do the work.


  • 0-1.9: Flop
  • 2.0-3.9: Near fall
  • 4.0-5.9: Average
  • 6.0-7.9: Victory
  • 8.0-10: Champion

Accurate Gist Rating:/10

  • Collection Sequencing: 1.8/2
  • Topics and Delivery: 1.5/2
  • Creation: 1.5/2
  • Charm and Satisfaction: 1.5/2
  • Execution: 1.6/2

All out:

7.9 – Victory