Banky W Discloses He Has Wrapped Up The Recording of His Impending Album Named 'The Bank Statement'

Banky W Reveals Finishing The Recording of His Upcoming Album ‘The Bank Statement’

Banky W has not released a studio album since his 2013 cult classic ‘R&BW’.

Talking on his next album during a discussion on the YouTube channel of Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, who is also a certified relationship coach,
the artist uncovered that the title of his next album would be ‘The Bank Statement’.

Banky W Discloses He Has Wrapped Up The Recording of His Impending Album Named 'The Bank Statement'

Banky W Uncovers He Is Done With The Recording of His Soon Coming Album Named ‘The Bank Statement’

“I’ve taken some years off. I heard somebody once said that artists never retire; they just stop when they no longer have any stories to tell. And I’ve just lived a lot of lives in the last few years that I have been quiet in the music scene. I have a lot of stories to tell, about love, relationship, about God, about country, about life,” Banky W said.

“I have recorded what I feel is a life about; it’s called ‘The Bank Statements’. If you think about your bank statement from January to December, it’s kind of a snapshot of your life.

“What is important to you, what you are spending on. If you look back to your bank statement of last year, it will just give you what your life is.”

Banky clarified the idea driving the album, which has a melody for all year long.

“So the album is called the Bank’s Statement one because it’s Banky’s statement and also conceptually, and there is a song for every month of the year,” he said.

“So there is a January and December song because you have to start and end the year with God. There is a February song, which is Valentine’s Day so it is a love song to my baby.

“My birthday is March, so there is a turnup kind of song for my birthday. “The ninth song of the album is for our son because pregnancy takes nine months and it’s called ‘Champ Song’.

“It’s a very intentional, thoughtful, creative and powerful album. It’s actually my favourite record because now I can sing about love from a place of currently experiencing it.”

E.M.E’s. turn

The 40-year-old former record label owner likewise talked about the development of his former record name Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E. Music) from a record label to a media organization.

“E.M.E. stopped the record label business in 2017. We actually pivoted into a media and marketing agency. We world with corporates, influencers, advertisers,” he said.

“What people don’t know is that we are worth so much more as an agency than we ever were as a record label, even at the height of our success.”

Olubankole Wellington, populaely known as Banky W was on the scene of Okonkwo’s YouTube show with entertainer Williams Uchemba.

In the meaningful discussion, the trio talked about popularly, family and their confidence in God as Christians.

“I’ve seen people chase fame till it kills them, money doesn’t change a man, it reveals him,” the singer said.

“That kind of captures my mindset with this fame thing. Fame is a drug, it’s as powerful a drug as any other substance that you can think of.

“These days you might not be addicted to cocaine, heroin or anything like that but we are all kind of addicted to our phones, and to Instagram and to likes and to showing off. Everybody is addicted to fame on some level.”

The artist uncovered that his relationship with God has assisted him with overseeing popularity better than his friends.

“There is a God-shaped void in everyman. Fill it with God. Knowing God is really what has grounded me. Tiring to be extremely self-aware,” he disclosed.

“The number one tool for me in coping with fame is remembering to stay humble, remembering that everything you have was a gift. It doesn’t belong to you, you are just in charge of it while you are here. Use it in service for others and in service to God.”

On an individual level, Banky is hitched now. He has entertainer/thespian Adesua Etomi as a spouse, and they together welcomed a baby boy in mid 2021.