BBNaija: Sammie and Angel break up

It’s indeed a very big wahala with ships in Biggie’s House and new Housemates are off to a bumpy start.

Shippers assemble around! There may be not much left to salvage with this one; but Sammie and Angel just sank their ship.

During a heated game of Truth or Dare, the New Housemates got a chance to get up-close and personal with other Housemates and this is just the beginning. Kayvee, in the spirit of being a good sport, kissed Angel for his dare leaving Sammie jealous and resentful of Angel.

Sammie and Angel were the first two Housemates to openly pair up in the House although it wasn’t made official. The two looked quite cosy most times and the House had dubbed them a couple considering their explicit interest in each other. This cookie crumbled and we don’t know if these tensions will fizzle out soon.

With the new Housemates in, we are curious to know if the unofficial ships in the House will survive any longer with this potential for new love interests. Kayvee is off to an interesting start with other Housemates and his unintentional scattering of this ship. This morning he shared his thoughts on the situation by telling the guys he wouldn’t have kissed her if he knew she was someone’s girl.

Well, now if by any chance Angel and Kayvee pursue anything hereafter we aren’t sure how Sammie will take it? What do you think?