Carlos Tevez, a former Manchester City player, has announced his retirement from soccer after losing his 'No. 1 fan,' his father

Former Manchester City star, Carlos Tevez announces he’s retiring from football after losing his ‘No 1 fan’, his father

Carlos Tevez, a former Manchester City and Manchester United attacker, has announced his retirement following his father’s death last year.

Tevez announced that he had rejected down opportunities to extend his career in the United States and had opted to retire from sport at the age of 38.

The Argentinian won three Premier League crowns, two Scudetti, and the Champions League before departing his boyhood club Boca Juniors in June of last year.

Tevez announced his retirement after ‘losing his number one fan,’ his adopted father, Segundo Raimundo, who died of Covid-19 illness.

According to the Mundo Albiceleste website, he stated, “I have retired, it is verified.” ‘They offered me a lot of stuff, including some from the US.’ But that’s it; I’ve exhausted my options.

‘It was difficult to play last year, but I was able to see my grandfather.’ I quit performing because I had lost my biggest admirer.’

Tevez addressed his weight problems earlier this year, revealing that he had been ‘eating and drinking too much’ since leaving Boca.

He said, ‘I eat empanadas and drink fernet and wine whenever I want.’ ‘I try to look after myself, but I’ve gained three or four pounds.’ I’m a slacker when it comes to getting up. I can’t see returning to jogging and training.

‘I used to go to training at 6 a.m. I’d be the first to arrive and the last to depart. But I don’t think I’m up to that just now.’