Youths And Gambling - Should Football Gambling Be Banned In Nigeria

Cheekah Suave Asks Youths Why They Still Think Football Gambling Should Not Be Banned (Shocking Reactions)

Electronic Media Personality, Cheekah Suave posted a video on YouTube on the need for Virtual Sports Betting and the bane of football gambling. However, the responses Cheekah gathered were quite shocking.

“If you ban sports betting, that means you want to ban my future” was one of the statements made by an undergraduate in the video

Good, Bad And Ugly: Cheekah Suave Seeks Opinion of Teens/Youths On Gambling Addiction

Some of the teenagers and youth shared their personal stories/divergent views on the good it has done for them; and of course, the harm it has done to them.

Funny video reaction no doubt, but there was a whole lot to learn from it.

Youths And Football Gambling - Cheekah Suave

Check out what undergraduates, secondary school students and the rest had to say on Sports Betting. This will definitely leave you in stitches.