Comedian, Basketmouth speaks out on detachment with AY, says AY messed around with loyalty

Comedian, Basketmouth speaks out on detachment with AY, says AY messed around with loyalty

“Don’t mess around with loyalty” – Comedian, Basketmouth opens up on rift with AY

Pro humorist and actor, Bright Okpocha, in any case acknowledged as Basketmouth has opened up on his long running quarrel with colleague, AY Makun.

BasketMouth and AY reconcile

Bright Okpocha (BasketMouth)

Basketmouth who opened up on the supposed dispute in a recent interview with TV host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu while talking on the apparent disunity among Nigerian comedians, expressed that AY ‘mess around with loyalty’ but has now admitted his guilt and they have made peace.

AY the comedian

Ayo Makun (AY the comedian)

From his statement, he [BasketMouth] has remained where the game is. He still does standup comedy although not with a lot of energy since he’s concentrating on all-around entertainment now. He is not in competition with anyone but himself. And that there’s nothing like a squabble or disaggreement between Ayo Makun and him.

As would be natural for him,

“He came in my space; messed with loyalty by saying something to my lawyer Magnus that I told him in private. It was nothing but it was enough to cause a rift and have me put up the walls. We made peace and he apologized. I have no single problem with AY as claimed. We don’t talk.

Enunciating further, he cleared himself of the rumours flying around that he fell out with AY in light of the fact that he ‘stole’ comedian Bovi from AY as a protege.

“I did not snatch Bovi. Bovi is not a girl, Bovi and I went to Abuja. He performed. I was blown away. When he was done, we talked about what he could do better. We’d been friends but that was the first I saw him perform. I didn’t know any background story,” he said.

“I proposed that we do business together and we clicked. I was already hearing claims before and after the settled rift with AY.” he added.