Did Kim Kardashian West Just Reveal The Truth on Live TV On Why She Divorced Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian West says that she divorced Kanye West because of his ‘personality’

Kim Kardashian West has given a laughable excuse on why she filed for a divorce with Kanye West. And her reason was because of his character.

The 40-year-old star sought legal dissolution of marriage from the rapper in February and jested during her opening monologue while hosting ‘Saturday Night Live‘ that she had given her marriage a break from her estranged husband since he wasn’t appealling enough.

Kim – who shares children North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two – said she’s been exceptionally honored in this life, and is appreciative for everything, truly, all the ups, and every one of the downs.

“I’ve been very blessed in this life, and I’m grateful for everything, honestly, all the ups, all the downs.

“I mean, I married the best rapper of all time. Not only that, he’s the richest black man in America, a talented, legit genius, who gave me four incredible kids.

“So when I divorced him, you have to know it came down to just one thing: his personality. I know it sounds mean, but people keep telling me that comedy. And if there’s one thing I strive to be, it’s genuine.”

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ star likewise made fun of the political desires of both Kanye and her stepfather Caitlyn Jenner.

Kim said that presently, she realized that America is not united as a nation, however she would love the country to meet up, which is the reason she’s here to report that she will be running for President.

Kim said: “Now I know we’re divided as a country, but I’d love America to come together, which is why I’m here to announce that I’m running for…

“I’m just kidding, guys! I’m not running for president. We can’t have three failed politicians in one family.”

The star additionally kidded about her talked about hips and curves during the opening of the show.

The Reality TV star said she’s eager to be here this evening to show the viewers all that she’s far beyond a beautiful face and great hair and extraordinary cosmetics and whatnot.

In her words: “I’m excited to be here tonight to show you guys that I’m so much more than just a pretty face and good hair and great makeup and amazing b**** and a perfect b***.

“Basically, I’m just so much more than that reference photo my sisters showed their plastic surgeons.”