Donald Trump Believes Kanye West Is Going "Crazy" and Needs "Treatment,"

According to a recent Rolling Stone report, Donald Trump apparently thinks that Kanye West is behaving “crazy” and that he requires therapy “treatment.” In the past, Trump has called West “a buddy of his for quite a while.”

Kanye West wrote on twitter that he had a plan to “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE,” as well as other things. He also did wear a “White Lives Matter” tee.

Donald Trump Believes Kanye West Is Going "Crazy" and Needs "Treatment,"

Donald Trump Thinks Kanye West Is Acting “Crazy” & Needs “Help”: Report

Two people close to the former president were the sources for the information of Trump’s answer. The Donda rapper’s situation has only become worse since they were created because West’s latest appearance on Drink Champs was also before they were made.

On the program, Kanye West claimed that “Jewish people have owned the Black voice.” “Either we’re all signed to a Jewish record label, or we all have Jewish managers, or we’re all signed to a Jewish basketball team, or we’re doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney. I admire what the Jewish people have accomplished and how they have united their nation.

According to reports, Donald Trump also intends to refrain from criticizing West’s actions in an atypical manner.

Kanye West recently made a defense appearance on Tucker Carlson’s primetime Fox News program. Ye also covered “false infants,” conspiracy theories, and Planned Parenthood in the conversation.

Donald Trump thought the interview was “interesting,” a Rolling Stone source said.