Donald Trump Threatened Sweden With Trade Sanctions After The Arrest of ASAP Rocky

Donald Trump Allegedly Threatened Sweden With Trade Sanctions Due to ASAP Rocky Arrest – Report

Due to A$AP Rocky’s 2019 arrest, Donald Trump allegedly threatened to impose trade restrictions on Sweden.

According to a report that appeared on TMZ on Friday, July 1, Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johansson made comments about his supposed meetings with then-President Donald Trump. The rapper from Harlem, New York, was reportedly threatened by Trump with trade sanctions if he wasn’t released from prison.

“If you can do something like this against Sweden, what would you try to do to somewhat weaker nations without the support of the European Union?” Regarding Trump’s alleged use of intimidation, Johansson reportedly said.

According to earlier reports, A$AP In July 2019, after video of the rapper and his crew fighting a man while on tour in Sweden surfaced, Rocky was detained on suspicion of assault. Rocky’s detention without bail turned the event into a global problem, prompting Trump to intervene and use his influence.

A week after A$AP Rocky’s arrest, Trump claimed in a statement that the problem in Sweden, a wonderful nation, included friends of mine and the leadership. “And we’ve already begun talking to them; we’ll continue. Friends of mine who are African Americans frequently call me asking for assistance. Although I don’t know A$AP Rocky personally, I can tell you that the nation’s African American community is very supportive of him. Because we are all Americans, I believe I can truly state that I am an African American. Numerous folks have phoned me and asked me to assist A$AP Rocky.

Trump was rebuffed by Sweden’s Prime Minister, who asserted that the US President would not have an impact on Rocky’s case. A$AP Rocky was charged with assault and detained without bond two weeks after his arrest, which prompted Trump to demand Rocky’s release once more. Rocky was freed a month after his detention.

He was found guilty of assault two weeks later. He received time served rather than a new sentence. Although A$AP Rocky later said he thanked Trump for whatever help the divisive Commander in Chief may have provided in freeing the rapper, Trump’s allies criticized the artist as being unappreciative.