Drake Mocks Joe Budden By Posting a Video of People Dancing In St. Tropez To The Song "Pump It Up"

Drake isn’t beyond tweeting some petty jabs at Joe Budden while he’s on vacation this summer, despite the fact that they ended their beef two years ago.

Drake posted a clip from his vacation in St. Tropez earlier today (July 20) on his Instagram Story. Drizzy appears to be having dinner with his squad in the videos. Drake records a man making the most hilarious moves on the dance floor. The crowd is energized in the scene that follows as “Pump It Up,” a single by Joe Budden from 2003, starts playing.

Drake Trolls Joe Budden With Video of People Dancing to ‘Pump It Up’ in St. Tropez

Joey asked, “Where else would you have them acting so crazy?” In the video, Drake says. They’re dancing like crazy to “Pump It Up.”

Drake wrote,

“@JoeBudden live in Tropez ASAP,” as the snippet’s caption.

Back in June 2016, Drake and Joe Budden got into a fight when Drake took issue with Joe Budden’s unfavorable assessment of Views. On the song “4PM in Calabasas,” Drake appears to criticize Joe. Joe Budden responded with two diss tracks. Drake made a subtle jab at Joe in the song “No Shopping” and once more on stage during the Summer Sixteen Tour. In August 2016, Joe declared his campaign against Drake to be fruitless, and as a result, he ended it.

Budden described Drake’s response to his criticisms as “extremely insecure.”

“If I’m Drake, this uncertainty has been the foundation of my entire enterprise. Why then would I wish to do away with it? Not from me. Just for that reason, I stopped making fun of him. It served no use.”

On Instagram Live in April 2020, Drake and Joe ended their feud, however it appears that Drake still enjoys making jokes.

Below is a video of Drake mocking Joe Budden.