Dre London, Post Malone's manager, provides an update on the rapper's health

According to Dre London, Post Malone did not fracture three ribs during a recent concert.

Despite speculations to the contrary, Post Malone’s manager, Dre London, claims that the rapper is doing OK and did not sustain three fractured ribs as a result of his recent on-stage incident. On Saturday, Malone was giving a performance in St. Louis when he slipped through a trap door and displayed signs of severe pain.

Post Malone’s Manager, Dre London, Updates Fan On Rapper’s Health

“I appreciate each and every one of your kind words. Thank God @postmalone didn’t break three ribs last night “London acknowledged.

“After the show, we went to the hospital for X-rays, and they found that he had bruised ribs! In typical Posty manner, he finished the show out of love for his followers! There isn’t another artist like him that I know of “London threw in. “When I spoke to him a few hours ago, he was still adamant that Dr. Dre shouldn’t be too hard on them, adding that the show must go on. We should all remember him since we know he will awaken in pain.”

Over the weekend, videos captured by concertgoers of Malone falling while singing “Circles” went viral online. Security guards soon surrounded him and checked on him.

Following that, according to CNN, Malone went backstage to relax for 15 minutes before continuing the performance. Despite appearing to be in discomfort, he managed to get through five more songs.

Below is an update from London.