Ed Sheeran Explains How Billie Eilish Beat Him To The James Bond Theme Song

Ed Sheeran claimed that it “hurt” when the song of Billie Eilish was substituted for his theme for the James Bond movie No Time To Die. Sheeran discussed the incident in an interview with That Peter Crouch Podcast, saying he had “already started” writing the song when he found out he had been switched out.

“They switched directors, and after that, they only changed the scripts. We completed all of the meetings. I began writing it,” Sheeran affirmed.

Ed Sheeran Recalls Losing James Bond Theme Song To Billie Eilish

Ed Sheeran continued, saying that despite the unpleasant experience, he would still dearly love to write a theme song for a future Bond film.

Of course, he said, “Yeah.” “I won’t try to hide the pain of not doing it, but I would. As an English singer, I believe you must someday record a Bond song. Yes, of course, I’d say if they returned.

Both the Grammy Award for “Best Song Written for Visual Media” and the 2022 Academy Award for “Best Original Song” went to Eilish’s theme song.

Over the years, other musicians have provided theme songs for the Bond film series, including Adele, Jack White, Alicia Keys, and others.

Listen to “No Time To Die” by Eilish below.