Eric Holder, Suspect In The Murder Of Nipsey Hussle, Shows His Wounds After Prison Assault (Photo)

Nipsey Hussle murder suspect Eric Holder displays injuries after he was attacked in prison (photo)

Following rumors that the accused murderer was attacked in his detention facility, a fresh image of Nipsey Hussle’s murder suspect Eric Holder has appeared online.

This week, it was revealed that Eric Holder was assaulted in custody by two prisoners of the Los Angeles County jail while en route to court.

Holder’s lawyer, Aaron Jansen, reportedly told the Los Angeles Times that Holder was knocked out and needed three staples for a gash to the back of his skull.

Just prior to his court appearance on Tuesday, Holder was jumped in a holding cell, according to Jansen, and one of the convicts sliced him with a razor.

According to reports, Jansen circulated a picture of Holder’s wounds on Friday afternoon.

Holder is shown in the picture with serious bruises and a black eye. “We have addresses specific steps with the judge which assured us of Mr. Holder’s protection moving forward,” Jansen said in a statement to KTLA.

Although Eric Holder, who is representing Jansen, acknowledged during his opening statement that his client did kill the Los Angeles rapper, he has argued that manslaughter, rather than murder, should be the verdict, which could carry a life sentence.