Ex-ref Howard Webb uncovers how he left his former wife for a female ref

Popular retired soccer referee, Howard Webb has uncovered how he left his ex-wife subsequent to going on a dinner date with female referee, Bibi Steinhaus, who he is now legally hitched to.

The pair secured the bunch recently after he stayed away from his former wife Kay back in 2016.

The marriage united two of football’s most well known refs, who both officiated World Cup finals. Presently the couple have lifted the top on how their relationship began with an opportunity dinner during one Sunday evening in late 2015.

The pair had met two years sooner yet it wasn’t until Webb found out in Frankfurt that he then, at that point, ask the German Steinhaus out for dinner.

Talking with Futbol with Grant Wahl, Steinhaus said she would not have put forth the attempt going right from Hannover to Frankfurt, which is three and a half hours, to meet Webb for supper.

Speaking with Futbol with Grant Wahl, Steinhaus said: “To be fair, I would not have made the effort going all the way from Hannover to Frankfurt, which is three and a half hours, to meet (Webb) for dinner.

“Today I would say, ‘What a chance!’ But I have to say, six years ago I would probably not have thought about that.

“Anyway, it ended up that I had a match on Sunday in Frankfurt, totally by chance. And I said, ‘Seven o’clock is fine. I have final whistle at five. I can make that, no problem.”

The dinner ended up being a successful one and soon after, Webb told Kay and their three children he was moving to Germany to live with Steinhaus.

Webb said of his marriage that their relationship had changed, but they are actually fine now, and it’s OK. The children are also fine.

“Though, similar to any divorce, it is agonizing. His relationship with Steinhaus didn’t turn out in the media for a year, however Bibi and Webb weren’t concealing it.

“Our relationship had changed, but we’re still fine now, and it’s okay. The kids are fine.

“But like any breakup, it’s painful. (My relationship with Steinhaus) didn’t come out in the media (for a year), but Bibi and I weren’t hiding it.”

The dinner in Frankfurt came after Steinhaus had broadly assumed responsibility for a match in which she sent off Fortuna Düsseldorf’s Kerem Demirbay. The midfielder was then hit with a five football match ban subsequent to claiming women have no bearing in men’s football.