How I reacted when my girlfriend slapped in public

My girlfriend slapped me, so I broke her nose.

Just kidding 😃😃

Voxpop – What would you do if your lover slapped you in public?

To be verbally abused out in the open can be humiliating. How about somebody lifting their hands to slap the hell out of you at the full glare of the public eye, particularly when that person is your lover? That is another level of ignominy. Right?

"How I Reacted When My Girlfriend Slapped Me In Public" - Cheekah Suave

Disregard the headline, I just wanted your attention. However, a situation as this one happened at the Leisure Mall of Surulere, Lagos. Nigeria. Thus, making me feel the need to ask citizens on the street how they would have responded in such circumstance on my YouTube channel, “Cheekah Suave 1” which indeed, numerous individuals that were asked, gave hilarious reactions to the question.


What would you if your boyfriend or girlfriend slapped you out in public? How would you react? Would that be the end of the relationship? What if he/she apologizes?

In spite of the fact that they say:

“Don’t accept private apology for public disgrace.”

But isn’t there any room for a second chance in the relationship?

This is what the “citizens on the street” had to say. Lol! I like to refer to them as “Streetizens“. Mad oh!

You can as well partake in the video by dropping your comments. What would you do?

Cheekah Suave