If Only Tiwa Savage Knew This Before Her Sex Tape Was Leaked (Photo) 

Although this pretty much looks like a great piece of secret information for anyone who wants to make a sex tape in the future. Be that as it may, I still wouldn’t advice anyone to go with this screenshot provided on this online social networking service.

If Only Tiwa Savage Knew This Before Her Sex Tape Was Leaked (Photo) 

What to do in case you’re the survivor of a sex tape leak or revenge pornography

Having cozy or intimate photos and video tapes shared without your approval isn’t just a selling out, it’s a criminal act against humanity.

In UK law, vengeance pornography is characterized as the sharing of private, sexual material of someone else without their permission determined to cause humiliation or misery.

Is that familiar?

Have you shared an image or video to someone you trust just for them to end up being a totally harmful misuse of skin, and show others?

In the event that you speculate you’re a casualty, there are various things you can do to reclaim control in an embarrassing, upsetting and bad circumstance.

Contact the police

Sharing film footage that might be deemed offensive or graphic without one’s approval is a criminal offence and culprits can face up to two years in prison.

In spite of the fact that it’s an intense subject to suggest with authorities, detailing the wrongdoing could bring the suspect to justice and forestall them rehashing their inadmissible conduct at another victim’s expense.

On the off chance that your vindictively shared pictures are selfies, or recordings that you took yourself – you own the copyright.

Contact the website and clarify the video or picture content is yours and it’s being shared without your consent.

It’s likewise worth focusing on that you’ve made the police mindful of the taken material, which is causing a colossal measure of misery.

Then again, ask Google for help

In recent policy updates, Google has made it simpler for victims to remove revenge pornography from showing up in indexed lists or searched results. To demand your video content be removed, use this procedure.

Similarly as a heads up, you’ll need to provide Google with some info to make the formal request.

Tackle revenge p*rnography with Google

  • Your complete name
  • Country
  • Contact email address
  • URL for where the content is live, if pertinent
  • An example URL of Google search results where the picture or video shows up
  • Screengrab of the offending content, which will easily assist us to be sure that we are removing the right result. We encourage you to use image-editing software to obscure the sexually explicit portions of the screenshots, however kindly ensure that they will assist us with recognizing the particular content you wish to be taken out.

Facebook can help as well

Or on the other hand, if your own pictures or video have been shared on Facebook you can by anonymous report posts you feel conflict with the website’s community standard or guidelines.

You can likewise report the user to Facebook. All that will be required will be the URL to their profile and their email address.

Talk about it

Tragically, vengeance porn or sex tape leak regularly worry about concerns of disgrace for the person in question – who isn’t the individual in the wrong.

It’s a time of difficulty and may be an alarming subject to approach with friends, companions, parents – or depending or your age, teachers and associates.

On the off chance that you don’t feel like you can converse with someone you know, there are various associations who exist exclusively to help and educate victims concerning issues like this.