I'm so glad Ada Ameh received my apology before she died - Blessing Okoro

I’m so happy I apologized to Ada Ameh before she passed away— Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro

A controversial relationship blogger named Blessing Okoro but can also be called “Blessing CEO” has responded to the tragic death of Nollywood actress Ada Ameh on her social media pages.

Blessing responded by saying she is glad she had the opportunity to express her regret to the deceased actress before praising her for bringing such joy to Nigerians.

She posted the following while posting a screenshot of the communication she sent to her in December:

I'm so glad Ada Ameh received my apology before she died - Blessing Okoro

This hit me, I swear.
I’m relieved that I apologized before you went because I would have seriously hit myself.
You battled like a tiger and had such strong energy.
Thank you so much for making us laugh and for providing us with so much enjoyment. Yes, you are cherished. Lie down in the Lord’s bosom.

However, several of her followers criticized her for making a public apology in private.

See the remarks below;

ugoeze ruth wrote;

Why didn’t you openly apologize after publicly humiliating her?

Efe wrote;

Did she respond to your apologies and accept it? Why do you constantly like making fun of those who try to give you advice? The younger generation is currently picking up harmful habits from you. If someone tells you the truth, you either block them or insult them.

An Instagram username by the name black goddess also composed;

Sometimes when we speak, it sounds as though we are too spiritual. Some of these issues stem from repeated tales of untimely deaths, and some families experience recurring events in their homes as a result of the services rendered by the forefathers. But they’ll argue that we’re acting too spiritually, Be very observant and look around your home to see if anyone isn’t getting married on time or if their home is peaceful. If you find out, pray fervently and go your separate ways. May her soul rest in peace.