Internet Reactions to Drake and Beyonce's Return with House Music

The internet is buzzing over Drake and Beyoncé’s script-bending usage of house music.
Beyoncé’s first song in a long time, “Break My Soul,” from her upcoming album Rennaissance, was released on Monday (June 20). Both the 1990 hit “Show Me Live” by Robin S. and the 2014 track “Explode” by Big Freedia are sampled on the upbeat dance track.

Many on social media have noted that Bey is cashing in on the house wave, much like Drake did with his most recent album, Honestly, Nevermind, which also features a lot of house aesthetics. The Tricky Stewart and The-Dream-produced record has a distinct house sound. Both megastars attempting a new genre have drawn criticism from the internet.

One user tweeted, “Beyoncé & Drake are smart for making house music. “Right now, the planet requires healing. This will aid people in surviving the ongoing spiritual conflict.”

Some believed Drake posted his first song to appear as though he came up with the idea when Bey announced she was going to release a house project.

Another user said, “Drake said y’all going to catch up knowing Beyoncé dropping a house album…my son actually is a Scorpio.”

Other Twitter users criticized the hypocrisy of those who supported Beyoncé’s relocation while criticizing Drake’s effort at a mansion.

Another user said, “You can’t criticize Drake for having a House-inspired album, but promote Beyonce for it haha.” “Both of them are dipping into a section of the history of black music that hasn’t been touched in a long. They deserve respect for attempting to establish a fresh feel for our generation.”

When the surprise album was unveiled last week, Honestly, Nevermind by Drake drew a mixed response from fans who were thrown off by the stylistic shift. Drake responded to the criticism on Instagram as well.

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s okay. All is well “In a video on Instagram, Drake remarked. “We carry out that. We’re waiting while you catch up. But we’re in here. We’ve already caught up. The next is now. Goodness me.”

Below, you can read more comments about Drake and Beyoncé’s release of new house music.