Joe Rogan Draws Criticism For His Comments Encouraging People To Shoot Homeless People

Joe Rogan Under Fire For Encouraging Comments About Shooting Homeless People

Once more, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is being dissected.
What is the most recent subject that has podcast host Joe Rogan in hot water? His contentious remarks on homeless people.

On the July 14th episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the 54-year-old and comedian Tom Segura had a lively three-hour discussion about a variety of topics. They discussed everything from Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, who was called a “dictator,” to the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, who the host claimed was using Adderall while in office.

However, it was what Segura and Rogan said about the Los Angeles homeless community that really infuriated social media users. Those comments also caused a stir online.

“At least in Los Angeles and California, when you see items like that on the streets, they are protected property akin to the law. By legally, that is that person’s property “the actor from Instant Family stated.

Oh, a homeless person’s property is protected, said Rogan. When Segura said, “Absolutely. If you attempted to move or take that, you would.”

You’d get arrested, the Fear Factor alum interjected. Hilarious. However, if you shot someone, they wouldn’t arrest you. Perhaps you ought to simply shoot the homeless folks.
Segura said, “Your ideas are good. “And if nobody claims it… I mean, nobody in Los Angeles today does anything about violent crime.”

Several advocates have started speaking out in response to the worrisome conversation. Theo Henderson told Variety during a conversation, “It’s repulsive.” It irritates me because it’s not just outdated, but also because it ignores the fact that housed people frequently attack the homeless.
“I can’t believe you’d encourage trying to shoot at homeless people or just throwing these dog whistles to individuals who don’t regard homeless people as human beings,” one person said.