Justin Bieber casting 'Belieber' Diane Keaton in new music video has fans aquiver: 'This is his true purpose'

Justin Bieber casting ‘Belieber’ Diane Keaton in new music video has fans aquiver: ‘This is his true purpose’

Diane Keaton’s appearance has caused a remarkable mix

Diane Keaton plays a lamenting widow and grandma to Justin Bieber in the music video for the star’s most recent single Ghost, and fans are incredibly excited about the Oscar-winning actress’s casting.

In the music video, which was released late on Thursday night, the Hollywood star, 75, stars close by the pop vocalist, 27, as a lady attempting to continue on from the death of her husband.

The video highlights Bieber endeavoring to comfort a crushed Keaton during a sea side burial, before later attempting to lift her mood with swankish clothing, a meal at an eatery and a boozy evening of shots and dancing at a bar.

‘I want you to know that if I can’t be close to you, I settle for the ghost of you,’ Bieber sings on Ghost.

Later in the video, he assists Keaton in testing a dating app and then, driving her to the ocean shore in a convertible, where she disperses her husband’s remains in the sea.

Toward the finish of the video, Keaton meets a new man. The Godfather star, who won the best actress Oscar for Annie Hall, who described showing up close by Bieber as an ‘honor’.

Justin Bieber casting 'Belieber' Diane Keaton in new music video has fans aquiver: 'This is his true purpose'

Dream team Keaton and Bieber in the video, which fights sadness (Picture: Vevo/Justin Bieber)

The unlikely couple initially met on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2015, when Keaton portrayed herself as a ‘Belieber‘ and spouted over a topless image of the ‘gorgeous’ artist before being somewhat embarrassed when he jumped out to  surprise her.

Fans recalled that experience, with one enthusiastically tweeting: ‘SHE HAD A CRUSH ON HIM ON THAT ELLEN EP YEARS AGO OMG.’

Another, with a pleasant reference to the Justin Bieber’s 2015 studio album, answered to Bieber’s tweet sharing the video and labeling Keaton: ‘This is his true purpose.’

‘Right when I figured I was unable to cherish Justin Bieber more than I as of now do, he proceeds to casting Diane Keaton in his music video,’ expressed another Twitter user.

Others were somewhat more astounded as one conceded: ‘Diane Keaton featuring in Justin Bieber’s new music video was not a decision I saw coming.’

The Ghost video wasn’t just the singer’s new release, as the Peaches vocalist likewise shared three already unreleased tunes from his most recent album Justice, which showed up recently.

Red Eye, Angels Speak and Hailey – named in appreciation of the Canadian’s wife – are essential for a ‘complete edition’ of the record.

Amazon documentary Justin Bieber: Our World, which gives fans behind-the-scenes look at the star’s re-visitation to the stage with a pandemic performance in Beverly Hills, is likewise out on Friday.