Justin Bieber's Face Is Paralyzed

Justin Bieber ​suffers facial paralysis

Justin Bieber, the musical sensation, has revealed that his health is suffering.

In a three-minute video released on Friday, the 28-year-old explained his predicament to the wider public.

Justin Bieber revealed that he was suffering from facial paralysis and that he expected to relax for a long time.

“You can tell by my demeanor that I’m serious. Ramsay Hunt disorder is a condition I have.”

According to Bieber, the cause is an infection that affects his ear nerves as well as his facial nerves, rendering his face “incapable.”

“I’ve tried everything to better, but my sickness is becoming worse,” he explained.

A couple of dates on his Justice World Tour have been postponed due to “non-Covid related sickness,” according to the Canadian artist.