Kanye West claims that Kris Jenner is "problematizing" his daughter Chicago

Kanye West worries that Kris Jenner will turn his daughter Chicago into a problem rather than a blessing. He claims that Chicago will either be a “problem” or a “blessing.” During his most recent appearance on Drink Champs, West brought up a number of odd issues, including the remark.

Chicago will either be a blessing or a problem, according to Ye. And I believe that Kris and Hulu are attempting to make her into a problem.

Kanye West Says Kris Jenner Is Turning His Daughter, Chicago, Into A “Problem”

He clarified that being a father is what causes him to worry.

The Kardashians, the newest reality program from the Kardashian family, is presently airing on Hulu.

Ye previously attacked Kris Jenner during a tirade on Instagram, when he bemoaned the fact that she permitted her kids, Kim and Kylie, to be Playboy models.

“Hollywood is an enormous brothel.” My family was devastated by pornography I manage the addiction that Instagram actively encourages. Northy and Chicago won’t have it happen to them, West declared in the post.

Drink Champs’ presenter N.O.R.E. has since expressed regret for how he handled having Ye on the program. The family of George Floyd has filed a lawsuit against West after he spread conspiracy theories regarding Floyd’s passing in other places.