Kanye West Discloses the Price of the Yeezy Sunglasses

Kanye West has big ambitions for his latest Yeezy line.
Now that Kanye West is in the midst of exiting his GAP deal, he has been trying to establish some new Yeezy products. Of course, one of his most popular teasers over the last month has been his futuristic-looking YZY SHDZ. Fans have been looking forward to these, and while there is no official release date for the sunglasses, Kanye is teasing fans with the price point.

Kanye West Reveals How Much Yeezy Shades Will Cost

Kanye West Discloses the Price of the Yeezy Sunglasses

Having a conversation with Forbes, Kanye mentioned that he would like to carry all of the products and accessories at a reasonable price in his Ye Supply store. There is no doubt that Ye is currently embarking on a very ambitious fashion journey. Ye wants the products to be manufactured in the nations in which they are sold.

“When it is sold in the United States, it will be produced there, and when it is sold in China, it will be made there “explained Kanye. “As a result, everything in the Ye Supply store will cost $20, even the glasses. Additionally, we are attempting to make clothing free. given that life is free.”

Kanye’s most recent goods have witnessed a significant price cut, and it is obvious that he wants to sell as many of them as possible.
It would be interesting to watch how he develops his brand now that he is going it alone.