Kanye West Distributes White Lives Matter Shirts To Los Angeles' Homeless With Ian Connor

Kanye West hasn’t received favorable treatment from the public, but he doesn’t appear to care. Throughout his career, West has created viral moments with his unvarnished words that have shocked mainstream culture. He appeared on television in 2005 and surprised the country by claiming that the then-President of the United States, George Bush, “doesn’t care about Black people.” These contentious political stances have persisted, and in recent years, they have brought the mogul even more criticism.

We have been often updating our readers on West’s most recent interviews and social media outbursts, including his attendance at Drink Champs last weekend. Rolling Stone said that stylist Ian Connor was out on Los Angeles’s Skid Row giving away White Lives Matter shirts to the destitute as that was igniting discussions online.

Kanye West & Ian Connor Give “White Lives Matter” Shirts To L.A.’s Homeless

Several images and videos from the Donda’s Place Instagram feed showed people sporting the White Lives Matter shirts from YZYSZN9 while walking down the street. This was only “load one,” according to Connor, who reportedly faced up to two dozen charges of sexual misbehavior and rape.

In a video, Connor explained to the mob that the free shirts they were receiving were “courtesy of Kanye West.” According to reports, the audience was instructed to set the artwork up in their stalls and carts on the street.

According to Rolling Stone, Dov Charney, the shirt’s maker, stopped selling the garments when West made disparaging remarks against the Jewish community. Additionally, it appears that West’s “Tremendez” shirts, which make fun of Tremaine Emory, the creative director of Supreme, are his most popular recent creations.

After numerous women accused Connor, who has been lauded as West’s fashion protege, of rape and sexual assault, he found himself in the middle of a controversy. The stylist refuted the accusations when they first gained attention in 2016.

Some people have expressed concern that these shirts would lead to an increase in violence against the homeless. See the Skid Row incident below.