Kanye West Responds in Retaliation to Criticism of Anti-Semitic Remarks

Ye claims that by canceling, he will encourage candid dialogue.

Following his anti-Semitic comments on social media, Kanye West does not appear to be regretting much. Insensitive comments made by the DONDA rapper towards the Jewish community on social media and during his interview with Tucker Carlson have drawn a lot of criticism. Ye posted on Instagram, saying,

“I’m a little tired now, but when I wake up I’m gonna death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

Jamie Lee Curtis, Elon Musk, Jennifer Aniston, and other luminaries from the world of Hollywood have all condemned West’s comments. Even JP Morgan Bank decided to sever connections with the rapper and his Yeezy clothing line, according to Candance Owens, a political commentator. She tweeted,

Kanye West Responds in Retaliation to Criticism of Anti-Semitic Remarks

“I was told there was no official explanation given, but they also gave this letter to indicate he has until late November to locate another bank for the Yeezy business.

Kanye West Responds to Backlash From Anti-Semitic Remarks: “I Feel Happy”

Despite the consequences of his conduct, Kanye is standing by his statements. When Page Six questioned the rapper on Wednesday about the outrage following his anti-Semitic comments, they captured him getting into his car. To declare,

“Hey, you called someone on bad business, that’s antisemitic. We can now talk openly about actions like getting canceled from a bank since I am relieved to have crossed that boundary. Ye, though, continued on. The richest Black guy in American history, who invested $140 million in JP Morgan, he continued to boast.

Kanye’s statement comes shortly after the renowned bank gave Ye’ till November 21 to transfer the money from his Yeezy LLC to another bank.