Kylie Jenner and Daughter Stormi, 3, Display The Same Diamond Rings © AccurateGist

Picture Credit – Instagram/@kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi, 3, flaunt matching diamond rings

Kylie and Stormi love nothing more beautiful than diamonds

Kylie Jenner and girl Stormi are twinning in the most shimmering way in the wake of getting matching diamond rings.

The make-up tycoon’s sweetheart – and Stormi’s father – Travis Scott couldn’t resist the opportunity to ruin his leading ladies with costly adornments as they plan to welcome the most current expansion to their family. Kylie is right now pregnant with hers and Travis’ second kid and announced the news in August.

On Tuesday, the reality star shared an adorable photograph of her hand close to Stormi’s with the little child wearing a small form of her mom’s ring, which highlights two diamonds on the band.

Kylie, 24, has had her ring since 2019 and it appears Stormi has had her eye on it.

‘Daddy got us matching rings 🤍⛈,’ Kylie captioned the photo.

Responding to the liberal gift, her sister Khloe Kardashian remarked:

‘Daaaaammmmnnnnnnnnn,’ before adding: ‘No he did not!!!’

One of Kylie’s followers said:

‘Would you all like to take on me?’ while one more kidded: ‘Darn.. the main thing my child daddy gives me is a cerebral pain.’

Another follower adulated the pair as ‘mum and daughter goals‘.

Stormi was seen wearing her mum’s version of the ring on Christmas Day right around two years prior, driving many to accept she had been gifted the diamond at a year old, not understanding it had a place with Kylie. It started reaction with many addressing why Stormi expected to wear costly diamonds at such a very young age.

Be that as it may, Kylie wouldn’t conciliate the pundits and later recorded herself wearing the ring in an Instagram clip.

The billionaire businesswoman just celebrated Halloween weekend with Stormi and Travis and said she was in ‘mum mode’ this year because of her pregnancy.

Getting rid of the lavish outfits of earlier years, Kylie rather dressed as a cat with Stormi as a mermaid and Travis wearing a Michael Myers veil.

Kylie still can’t seem to uncover whether she’s having a boy or a girl, but fans figure Stormi will get a brother due to unpretentious clues via social media.