Lady Describes How She Fell In Love With Twin Brother

Lady narrates how she fell in love with her twin brother

Woman faults her parents as she describes how she experienced passionate feelings for her twin brother.

A story narrated by a Nigerian twin who got out and about via social media alongside her brother attributable to their public presentation of desirous relationship has evoked mixed responses.

The woman, who broke the silence on how everything began, clarified that everything began when their parents chose to lock them inside for security reasons.

She likewise expressed that she is presently totally in love with her twin and can’t envision adoring any other individual.

She shouted: “I will marry this man!”

“I fell in love with my twin brother the moment our parents started keeping us indoor inside a room whenever we came back from school.

“Then we started k!ssing and doing alot of things and stuffs whenever we are both in the room. We were living like a couple.”

“I can’t find myself dating another man because I am madly in love with my twin brother. i am going to marry him irrespective of what people think or would say.”

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Lady Describes How She Fell In Love With Twin Brother

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