Lizzo Responds to Weight Loss Comments After Kanye West Is Banned From Twitter

Kanye West has been relentlessly mentioning numerous famous people in his defense of his White Lives Matter stance on social media and in interviews, like the one he most recently had with Tucker Carlson, where the 45-year-old discussed those who have repeatedly urged Lizzo to think about losing weight.

The singer of “Devil In A New Dress” remarked last week on Tucker Carlson Tonight, “Lizzo works with my trainer, a buddy of mine.” “The bots,” which are online telemarketers, target Lizzo when she loses ten pounds and announces it since the media wants to spread the idea that being overweight is the new aim when it’s actually unhealthy.

Ye Banned From Twitter, Lizzo Claps Back At Weight Loss Comments

“Let’s set aside the notion that it’s fashion and Vogue, which it isn’t, or that, even if someone finds it appealing, to each his own, it’s truly clinically unhealthy,” he continued. And it’s diabolical when people support that.

Lizzo addressed Ye’s remarks about her physique while performing in Toronto on Friday (October 7) night, saying,

“I feel like everybody in America got my motherf*cking name in their motherf*cking lips for no motherf*cking reason.”

She jokedly asked if anyone wanted to get married so she could benefit from having dual citizenship before telling the crowd at Scotiabank Arena,

“I’m minding my fat Black gorgeous business.”

It’s clear that Lizzo didn’t enjoy West’s most recent shenanigans, and a new Buzzfeed News story claims that Twitter users don’t either after the founder of Yeezy began his run of anti-Semitic tweets late on Saturday (October 8) evening.

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The Life of Pablo rapper added,

“I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up, I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” It’s ironic that I can’t be anti-Semitic because Black people are actually [Jews]. You guys have also played pranks on me and attempted to blacklist anyone who disagrees with your agenda.

In the hours following the initial sharing of the post, Twitter removed it formally and replaced the tweet with an automatic notification that read, “This tweet violated the Twitter Rules.” Ye’s account has been locked owing to a violation of Twitter’s standards, an app spokeswoman also confirmed to Buzzfeed News.

West briefly returned to the platform after being banned from Instagram for comparable reasons, but his return was fleeting.