Man Arrested For Playing X-Rated Video On A Digital Billboard In Rivers State (Details)

Skin Flick – Man arrested for playing a p*rn video on a billboard in Rivers State (Details)

In new reports, the Rivers state Police order has arrested an individual for acquiring unlawful admittance to an electronic billboard and streaming X-rated material on it in Port-Harcourt.

As indicated by reports and recordings that got out and about on the web, the LED billboard, arranged around Garrison region, was quickly stopped after walkers held up grievances over the unequivocal material being shown on the screen.

The skin flick video recordings got shown unintentionally at around 8:00AM on Thursday. The recordings were caught by distracted observers, who afterwards took to social media to share the unequivocal recordings.

In one moving video, an inconspicuous man sitting in his vehicle with his companion recorded the very moment the explicit visual display of erotic scene was shown on the very large outdoor sign generally used for advertising.

The inconspicuous man who captured the video is heard saying that perhaps the individual dealing with the billboard recordings have failed to remember that the person in question has such “mind adulterating” material on their contraptions.

In the mean time, owners of the billboard in an assertion, have pledged that the offender will be indicted to the full degree of the law.