Man Pretending To Be Drake's Son Breaks Into His House

Drake’s House Intruded By Man Claiming To Be Rapper’s Son

After being detained by the LAPD, a man broke into Drake’s home while pretending to be the “Honestly, Nevermind” rapper’s son.
A man claiming to be the Toronto rapper’s kid allegedly broke into Drake’s new Los Angeles house on Friday. When a worker saw the man near the pool house, they alerted the police to the area.

The 23-year-old trespasser was detained and charged with a misdemeanor.
Robbie Williams, a British pop artist, had previously owned the home, which Drake bought for $70 million earlier this year. The house has 10 bedrooms and is situated in the Beverly Crest area.

Drake was not at home when the break-in occurred; instead, he was spotted in Ibiza over the weekend. During Black Coffee’s most recent DJ set on the island, he was actually seen bopping along to it. In 2017, the two previously worked together on the standout track from More Life, “Get It Together.” Three Honestly, Nevermind tracks were also produced with help from Black Coffee.

The problem of obnoxious fans breaking into Drake’s house has happened before. In 2017, a stalker by the name of Mesha Collins gained access to his estate and stole a number of things. He gave her one of his hoodies to wear when she was detained.

Later, Collins sued the rapper for $4 billion, alleging defamation and the disclosure of personal information. After the lawsuit was dismissed, Drake obtained a restraining order against Collins.