Exclusive Interview: Meet Next Nigerian Super Star, D’cee

You wouldn’t be wrong if you called him DCee, or even better, Fine Boy Dcee.

Contrary to popular belief, this fantastic artiste known as Dcee did not appear out of nowhere and become an instant sensation. Dcee has been working as an underground musician for years, amassing an internet fan base and serenading them with a variety of sonorous renditions to fantastic classics from renowned musical geniuses. And right now, he very well appears to be the next big thing on our television screens. Watch out!

Under the auspices of Accurate Gist, Cheekah Suave met up with the homie recently where he had a conversation with him about his musical journey, first kiss, girlfriend, and other intriguing stuffs. You might wanna check this out.

Welcome to the AccurateGist. Enjoy!



Tell us about yourself

Okay my name is Divine Nzeremiwu Christopher popularly known as the Fineboy D’cee. Your potential music boyfriend. I hail from Imo State but was born and brought up here in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬


I was admitted into Helpers International College, Lagos. One of those high schools in the mainland where i became the music/chapel prefect as at that time. Studied music at the Foundation of Truth Assembly Music Academy and currently signed to the Teen Africa Music (T.A.M) label.

How can you describe your growing up days in Lagos?

Well, my growing up here in Lagos has been quite challenging. From carrying what we call kpon-kpon here in Nigeria, bricks and mortars as well as other building materials to support my parent at an early age, to selling shawarma as a means of livelihood. And then finding myself in church always. Bitter-sweet experience honestly. I think in actuality, it made me stay completely away from hanging around with louts and street urchins. Rather than swinging machetes and throwing sticks and stones and bullets, I was kiling the shows with microphones in my locality. I still have my survival instincts even till date. That’s what growing up in the hood teaches you. You either fail or you fight so hard to be a better version of yourself. Long story short, we are still surviving!

When and how did you discover your talent for music?

Well I discovered I could actually sing when I was 10-11 years after my parents kept throwing out my electrical equipments because they thought I was dropping naked wires everywhere, and making the whole house a mess. So after giving up on fixing stuffs with electrical equipments, one day I just started singing. I never knew I could sing till a neighbour named Funmilayo told me I had a unique voice in the bathroom so that was how my music journey began.

When did you decide to do music professionally?

Before I started making music professionally, i knew i needed to work on my voice and groom myself to be a better music artiste. Hence, I went to a music school at 12 to 13 years all by myself. Went for free gigs, played local shows and started making my own little money in 2019.

How did you come about the name D’cee? Tell us the story behind the name?

The name D’cee comes from my own name DIVINE & my dad’s name CHRISTOPHER so I had to pick out and merge the first letters of my name and surname. Also, there is a movie company with the name DC. An idea popped in my head, I added two E’s to make it a bit longer. And from that moment, the name DCEE was born.

Exclusive Interview: Meet Next Nigerian Super Star, D’cee

So, what would you say makes you unique as an artiste?

I am unique with my sound because all my life I have listened to so many music artiste, learnt from them, then picked up essentials from them as well. In Naija language, Tap what I have to tap and develop my original sound. My style of single is a fusion of Afrosoul, Afrobeat, Dancehall and Alte.


Tell us about some of your musical influences growing up? Who are your role models?

Wande Coal, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown & Banky W.

When have you felt the most proud, as a musician?

Hmmm! Performing my song in a small circle and the feedback was amazing.

Any story behind the performance? I mean did you have the ladies throwing kisses and taking off their underwear. There should be a story there.

😁😁😁 Most people just admire the way I sing and how I play with music covers. Lest I forget, my song Walakolombo just dropped. You can go check that out on all music platforms. Apple, Audiomack, Tidal, Spotify etc

Click here to listen to Walakolombo by D’cee

Exclusive Interview: Meet Next Nigerian Super Star, D’cee

Do you create music for yourself or for your fans?

When creating music, I actually put myself in my fans’ shoes so I don’t limit myself when creating music. So I create music for the fans.


Who is your favourite music star at the moment?

I won’t call him my favourite and that is because I don’t have a favourite but I guess it will be Fireboy

How do you handle performance anxiety?

I remember my hood and where I am coming from. After that, dem no born anxiety papa well again.

If you were an instrument, what would you be?

I would be a box guitar. To serenade my fans with it.

Tell me about your best performance?

My best performance was in church. I was pulled out for a karaoke, the feedback was amazing

Tell me about your worst performance?

I don’t have a worst performance yet

Tell us something no one knows about you?

I am a very emotional person. I get emotional at any slight issue.

What are your interest outside of music? And if you are not doing music what else would we be finding you doing?

Becoming a professional dancer. Studying law in school

How about leisure? What do you do during free time?

I write songs during my free time.

Have you ever dated a fan?

Hmmm! No. Never.

Exclusive Interview: Meet Next Nigerian Super Star, D’cee

Your first kiss?

Haha! I didn’t keep it in my mind. So I literally don’t know

Are you in a relationship? Any girlfriend?

I am not in a relationship currently


Your celebrity crush?

Ahh!!! Ayra Starr. She is always in my dreams 🥺

Everybody loves Ayra Starr

My own love is different biko

Describe yourself in one word?


As a “Fineboy,” How many tattoos do you have and what do they mean?

I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t like tats.

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

My biggest fear in life is having the fear to fail. Ewoo!

What’s your most annoying habit?

Procrastination. And falling for fair chicks

When you mentioned falling for fair chicks; to be honest, Bobrisky came to my mind.

God forbid 😁😁😁 I can’t fall for my fellow man

What is your dream collaboration? Two big artiste you would like to collaborate with? One in Nigeria and one outside the country?

First would be Starboy Wizkid. Secondly, Beyoncé.

Where do you hope to be five years from now?

Five years from now, I should be on the same stage with the BTS best pop singers crew.

Amazing! We’re so proud of you bro.

Thank you so much boss

Last question, Would you get jealous if your best friend dated your ex? 😁😁😁

Hahaha! Never will i get jealous. If I get jealous, it means I haven’t moved on. I have moved on!!!

It was indeed an absolute pleasure having to chat with you. Thank you so much for your time Dcee.

You’re really welcome bro. I really do appreciate being here. Thank you!

You’re a star on the rise, a superstar in the making. And that is why you are here today. Honestly speaking, that is why even WE, are here today. We hope to do this again in the years to come. As we look forward to more success in your career.

Amen bro! Thanks for having me.

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