Method Man on The Importance Of Artists Not Signing To Other Artists' Labels

Method Man On Why Artists Shouldn’t Sign To Other Artists’ Labels

According to Method Man, upcoming musicians shouldn’t sign with labels that represent existing artists since they won’t receive the support they need.

According to Method Man, emerging musicians would be better off staying away from labels run by their peers because their work would be prioritized above that of the label owner. During a recent interview for My Expert Opinion with Math Hoffa, the venerable Wu-Tang artist discussed his viewpoint on the subject.

Meth said;

“I always felt like you couldn’t sign to somebody who was still trying to be an artist. “It’s tough. Unless you are your own machine, they can’t give you the time or attention you likely need and deserve.

The group did acknowledge that there have been exceptions; Method Man and Hoffa specifically mentioned Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross before joking that they presumably have a team that is devoted to managing the labels.

Method Man continued,

“I mean, these are people who I’m pretty sure have a staff.
Method Man expressed regret to Destiny’s Child in the same interview for having disrespected them during Janet Jackson’s 2001 MTV Icon concert.

The rapper now blames his behavior on having “poor self-esteem” after initially feeling belittled when they didn’t greet him.
He addressed the three group members, saying,

“I apologize to Beyoncé, I apologize to Kelly Rowland, and I apologize to Michelle – y’all did not deserve that, at all.”