Mike Tyson Admits To Wooing Remy Ma With Offers of Cars

Mike Tyson and Fat Joe made light of their earlier antics

Mike Tyson is never afraid to speak the truth. The renowned boxer had his fair share of famous relationships over his illustrious career, but most fans were unaware that he once had a thing for Remy Ma. For his Hotboxing with Mike Tyson podcast, Fat Joe sat down with Angie Martinez, Lakiha Spencer, and Tyson’s wife to discuss a story about Tyson providing Remy automobiles in exchange for a romance.

Mike Tyson Admits To Offering Remy Ma Cars To Date Him

The rapper from the song “Lean Back” said,

“Mike invites me to the house and says bring Remy Ma with you. This is about leaning back or something similar. We visit the home. He b*tts nakedly opens the door. As* nude, Mike opens the door.”

Joe added,

“I’m only concerned about him. Tyson laughed more. I’m not kidding when I say that he gives me a tour of the home. Every single room I entered had a girl in it, every single f*****g room. I’m thinking, “What the f?” I think this guy leads a crazy existence. He presented us with some ridiculous 500 bracelets.

Mike Tyson jokingly said he was attempting to persuade Remy to accept his proposal. The 56-year-old great is currently enjoying his best quality of life. The former boxing champion who is now a successful cannabis businessman is renowned for his zen attitude and achievements in the medicinal marijuana sector. He gained notoriety earlier this year for peddling delicacies with THC inside the shape of ears. Regarding his new effort, Mike said, “It’s just the beginning.

Papoose’s wife Remy Ma has not yet responded to Mike’s remarks. View the interview above, then post your comments below.