Brainjotter Finally Reveals When He Plans On Getting Married

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, also known as Brainjotter, is a Nigerian comedian and creator of digital content. He recently revealed when he intends to tie the knot.

A short while before he became a social media phenomenon, BrainJotter opened up on how his ex-girlfriend publicly denied him for a church keyboardist because he was broke.

This revelation was made by the comedian, who is best known for donning green clothing as his comic persona, in a recent interview with Nigerian Youtuber Cheekah Suave. He said he felt depressed for a short period of time when that happened but not long enough as God would have it, he posted a video that went viral and since then everything changed for the better.

When asked when he planned on getting married, Brainjotter gave the response that as soon as he meets a girlfriend, he is ready to go down on a knee and pop the question.

In his words,

“If I see a girlfriend today, i will get married this evening”

Brainjotter claims that although he is a single man who is open to dating, he is taking his time to choose a lover.

The social media influencer explained to Cheekah Suave that he doesn’t want a female fan as his girlfriend since there is a great likelihood that she will undoubtedly “fan” everything he does and wouldn’t recognize flaws even in the relationship.

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