Ne-Yo's Marriage Dissolves After Renewing Their Vows Three Months Earlier

The wife of Ne-Yo who goes by the name Crystal Smith, said on Sunday that she has ended her relationship with the R&B star.

Three months after the couple’s renewed wedding vows, the announcement was made.

Ne-Yo's Marriage Dissolves After Renewing Their Vows Three Months Earlier

During their eight years of marriage, Crystal, a mother of three, shared her husband with multiple women “who sell their bodies to him unguarded,” according to a statement she posted on her Instagram page.

American singer, Ne-Yo’s marriage crashes three months after renewal of vows

She said that she would no longer mislead the public or act as though their marriage was going well.

“Eight years; Eight years of fabrication and trickery. I’ve been unintentionally sharing my spouse and I for eight years with countless ladies who sell their bodies to him bare, unprotected. It would be an understatement to say that I’m disgusted and heartbroken. It is completely ridiculous to want me to stay and accept it; this is narcissistic thinking.

“I won’t mislead the public any longer or pretend that this is something it isn’t. I make the decision to be happy, healthy, and respected. Out of this, I had three lovely children, but nothing else but lost time and misery.

Because what he does is no longer of relevance to me, I kindly ask that you all cease giving me recordings or any information about him cheating. I’m not the victim here. I’ve made the decision to hold my head up and stand tall.

“It’s up to you to love yourself if someone can’t love you the way you deserve. I have no ill will toward him and only hope for the best for him.