Netflix Experiments With Charging For Password Sharing After Loss Of Over 1 Million Subscribers In 90 Days

Netflix Tests Out Charging For Password Sharing After Losing Nearly 1M Subscribers In 3 Months

Although the corporation had earlier this year predicted a loss of approximately 2M, it actually retained more users.
Netflix is getting ready to crack down on password sharing after suffering a loss of over one million members in the second quarter of 2022.

The streaming service had hinted that it would prohibit users from disclosing account information to people from other households, but it now appears that the goal is to make money from these practices.

Netflix recently described the “Paid Sharing” feature in a blog post. “Regardless of your subscription, every Netflix account comes with a single home where you may watch Netflix on any of your devices. We will charge you an additional [price] if you wish to use your Netflix membership in multiple houses.”

According to the example, every extra residence would cost $2.99 on top of your current monthly fee.

“The Basic plan allows members to add one additional house; Standard allows up to two; and Premium allows up to three. Soon, your account settings page will allow you to manage where your account is being used. You can also remove home at any time.”

Users will be able to access their “home” account on the move using a tablet or laptop, according to the same blog post.
However, people who are using someone else’s account at home might soon receive a notification requesting them to change the location of their primary household, add a secondary location, or temporarily revoke their Netflix credentials.

According to Uproxx, Hulu has adopted a similar strategy, but it has posed problems for families that don’t share a zip code yet choose to share an account.
What do you think about Netflix’s future plans? Please let us know if you intend to continue with your membership or if you will divert your streaming funds to other services.