Nicki Minaj: Did She Just Announce Her Pregnancy?

Is Nicki Minaj pregnant?

While in London on Saturday, July 9, Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram Live to connect with her Barbz late into the night (it was about 1:30 a.m. London time) to dispel the rumors that she was expecting a child. Nicki’s eyes brightened up as she read some of her audience members’ questions and she enquired, “Am I pregnant?”

“Oh, I did plan to tweet this: I’m not overweight, y’all, I’m pregnant,” Nicki added with a chuckle.

The hip-hop queen continued her live performance before abruptly retracting her earlier statement and saying:

“Oh wait. Have I gotten it wrong? I apologize. I believe I misspoke. I really intended to add that I’m obese, not pregnant.

Then Nicki laughed heartily as if to tell her admirers that she was only making fun of them. The rhymer, 39, was probably responding to the rumors that surfaced after her performance at the 2022 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans last Friday (July 1).

On TikTok, a person uploaded a video of Nicki performing onstage while dancing to “Did It on’em,” with the description, “She’s clearly pregnant.”

See below.

Nicki Minaj is now preparing for her Sunday headlining performance at the 2022 Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park, London (July 10). There’s a chance that the Queen Barbz will provide supporters with another surprise at the occasion.