North West Used Kanye West's Energy To Call Out Photographers During A Fashion Show

North West Just Channeled Kanye West’s Energy By Calling Out Photographers During A Fashion Show And You Seriously Need To See It

Daughter is just like her father.

North West appears to have acquired both her father’s love of fashion and his attitude toward the paparazzi.

North, who is nine years old and the eldest child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is accustomed to living in the public eye. But it appears that she was getting a little tired of the constant attention on her recent trip to France for Paris Fashion Week.

Tuesday night in the French city, North decided to face the paparazzi who had been following her and yelled, “Why do you have to wait for us all the time?” as she was leaving a restaurant.

Since it is true that deeds speak louder than words, the very next day, North made the decision to be a little more inventive in how she dealt with the skulking paparazzi.

Northie made the decision to act independently while hanging out at the Jean Paul Gaultier presentation on Wednesday, sitting in the front row with her mother and Anna Wintour, no less. Literally.

North made excellent use of her paper invitation by turning it into a “STOP” sign to hold up to the photographers trying to take shots of her while other attendees used theirs as fans to beat the heat.

The founder of Skims added, “North, I think got tired of people taking photographs of her so she scribbled on her invite STOP and held it up,” adding that the nine-year-old was urging the photographers to “concentrate on the performance” instead of taking shots of her.

Soon after, the video went viral, and many viewers immediately drew a comparison between North’s sarcastic character and her father’s infamous “no f#cks given” approach to fame.

Just like daddy,” they wrote next to a popular video of the rapper instructing a photographer to “shut the f#ck up” outside his garage.

Although many fans have decided to view the issue in a humorous light, many others are saddened by North’s loss of privacy.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that North has made it plain from a young age that she detests the ongoing harassment that comes with her family’s degree of popularity. When she was just 2 years old, she made headlines for the first time by yelling “no pictures” at the paparazzi.

Because of this, many fans are finding it difficult to find the humor in North’s attempts to avoid the photographers’ flashes.

North, a well-known fashionista in her own right, appears to be enjoying her stay in Paris despite her discomfort with the press and has been experimenting with some stunning street-style looks.

Continue being you, Northie!