Not a Secular Song, "Somebody's Son" Is About Jesus Christ - Tiwa Savage

Internationally renowned singer Tiwa Savage clarifies one of her top tracks, “Somebody’s Son,” which was misinterpreted as a secular song.

Since the song’s release, it has frequently been referred to be a song about relationships, especially by single women.

‘Somebody’s son’ is about Jesus Christ, not a secular song – Tiwa Savage

Contrary to what many people believed about the song, Tiwa Savage acknowledged in a recent interview that it was inspired by and dedicated to Jesus Christ.

“When I first created this song,’somebody’s son, many people told me it wouldn’t be a hit since only women would sing along to it. Male singers won’t be permitted to sing about someone’s son.

But you are aware of what I told them. Because Jesus Christ is the real somebody’s son, I was not even thinking about a relationship when I wrote this song. Instead, I was thinking about him.

I told them that regardless of gender, everybody would dance to this song because we all needed someone’s son.