One Million Boys: Portable Dispels Claims About Notorious Cult Groups

Portable Clears The Air Over Notorious Cult Groups Allegation

Habib Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, a Nigerian musician, has cleared up the issue surrounding a video in which he claimed to have started two infamous gangs in Lagos.

“Open your ears and be listening,” he was heard saying in the video. “Have you heard of Ajah boys, one million boys? I put them there.

After receiving a lot of criticism, the singer clarified in a new video that he was misunderstood and that he was referring to his over one million admirers, not to a cult or terrorist organization.

“I was sitting alone when disaster came for me,” he said. One million boys was a number I used to refer to admirers, not terrorists. Pastors have followers in the same way. I am not a thief; I have fans. Don’t even dare to come after me; I have people.

While many people view Mr. Portable as a dr#g addict and unkempt hommie, others see a young man in the trenches attempting to keep up with unprepared popularity and celebrity status.

Singer Portable says the One Million Boys he referred to in his viral video are his fans and not any cult group as being interpreted

The One Million Boys that singer Portable alluded to in his popular video are his fans, not any cult group as some Nigerians have claimed.

Remember how the artist boasted in a video that circulated today that he founded Ajah Boys and One Million Boys? A renowned cult gang that has terrorized several areas of Lagos state is known by the name “One Million Boys.”

His explanation follows the IGP’s ordering of a probe into the allegations he made in the widely circulated video, including the creation of One Million Boys and Ajah Boys.

Here is a video of him denying that he was referring to the infamous cult.

People are beginning to believe that someone, somewhere, wired his mind to continue trending. Sadly, they almost never instructed him to remain on the right side.