One Million Boys: Sam Larry Distances Himself From Portable's Allegations (Video)

Show promoter, Sam Larry distances himself from Portable’s claims after the singer mentioned his name while declaring he founded ‘One million boys, Ajah boys’ (videos)

Sam Larry, the show’s organiser, distances himself from Portable’s allegations after the musician cited him and said he formed “One Million Boys, Ajah Boys” when making the claim

Sam Larry, the show’s promoter, has denied knowing anything about the astonishing claims made by singer Portable that he formed “One Million Boys and Ajah Boys.”

The artist earlier today boasted online about founding “One Million Boys and Ajah Boys,” which many believed to be gangs that terrorized people of various parts of Lagos.

“Open your ears and hear me, you’ve heard of Ajah Boys, One Million Boys, I’m their founder,” the singer proclaimed in Yoruba in a now-deleted video.

In addition, he mentioned that he had once known socialites Samlarry Eletu and Abu Abel.

Usman Alkali Baba, the Inspector General of Police, requested an investigation into Portable’s claims that he founded the “famous cult group, One-Million Boys,” shortly after the video went viral.

Samlarry, who also reacted to the news, angrily distanced himself from Portable’s assertion and warned the singer severely. He also provided screenshots of their contact with Portable, who apologized and said that he only made the video to “catch cruise.” He also shared recordings of their phone conversation with Portable.

Since then, Portable has corrected his remarks, saying that the “One Million Boys” he alluded to in his popular video are really his followers rather than the infamous cults that have terrorized several areas of Lagos state.

One Million Boys: Sam Larry Distances Himself From Portable's Allegations (Video)