Pelicans Troll Lakers On Twitter Amidst LeBron-Westbrook Drama

The New Orleans Pelicans Twitter page was stirring the embers of rivalry on Thursday, taking shots at the Los Angeles Lakers and the lack of chemistry between Lakers stars LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

Pelicans Troll Lakers On Twitter Amidst LeBron-Westbrook Drama

The Pelicans and the Lakers have some history. The Lakers famously traded the Pelicans a treasure trove of players and picks in exchange for Davis in 2019. The investment eventually paid off, as Davis and James led the Lakers to an NBA Championship win in 2020 during the infamous “Bubble Season.”
Since their success in the Bubble, Davis and the Lakers have failed to live up to the mounting expectations. Los Angeles finished last season missing the playoffs, due in part to late in the season losses to New Orleans.

The jab on Twitter comes on the heels of James and Westbrook sitting on opposite ends of the arena from one another while both were attending one of the Lakers’ Summer League games. Both came to show support for their Summer League teammates, but the choice to sit as far as possible from one another was obvious, to the dismay of Lakers fans.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Lakers have struggled with disagreement between star players. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant famously had beef that cost them the chance to create the same level of dynasty that Micheal Jordan’s Chicago Bulls did in the 90s.

For Lakers fans, they hope their stars can come together and rekindle a stagnant NBA dynasty