R. Kelly Files Lawsuit Against Prison For "Cruel and Unusual Punishment."

R. Kelly Sues Prison for ‘Cruel and Unusual Punishment’ After Being Put on Suicide Watch – Report

After receiving a 30-year prison sentence this week for charges of racketeering and sex trafficking, R. Kelly claims he is not suicidal.

R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against The Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn (MDC Brooklyn), claiming the jail is punishing him by putting him on suicide watch despite his assurances that he has no intention of harming himself, according to a report from TMZ published on Friday (July 1).
The troubled musician claims in his lawsuit that MDC Brooklyn is treating him to “cruel and unusual punishment” under difficult circumstances because he is a famous person. After telling MDC officials that he was not suicidal and that he had no intentions of killing himself or anybody else, Kels believes that his rights under the 8th Amendment are being infringed.

Mr. R. Kelly claims that the detention facility put him in a single cell without bed rails, toilet paper, a shower or a place to shave, and he was made to consume meals with his hands while being denied communication with family members. Inmates on suicide watch don’t even get psychological care, Kelly continued.

According to reports, R. Kelly is suing for emotional distress and damages.

The Bureau of Prisons responded to Kelly’s accusations by releasing the following statement to TMZ: “The BOP is devoted to making sure that all of the prisoners in its care, as well as its employees and the general public, are safe and secure. Our main aim is to treat the men and women who are in our custody humanely.”

R. Kelly’s lawyer and a representative for MDC Brooklyn have been contacted by AccurateGist for comment.